The latest version of the Chess Learning Platform is always located at the Download page. All you need to do is download the Chess Learning Platform, run the setup file and it will install the application on your computer. IchessU icon will be created on your desktop. If you already have a previous version of the Chess Learning Platform installed and you download a new version, don’t worry, the new version will overwrite the old one and you will be always using the new version by default.

Set a connection:

 In order to be connected to IchessU you have to be connected to the internet, which means you must start your network or dialup connection.

Click  “IchessU” icon, which by default created on your desktop. It will bring up a login screen which allows you to connect to IchessU server as a guest or as a registered user. After you login, you should see the following in the main console window:

Have you received “WARNING: Disconnected”?
1. Check your internet connection.
2. Check in “Connection->Server status” that IChessU server is up.
3. Verify that in the Login details window:
a. Your login name and password are correct.
b. You are not logged in some remote computer.
c. Server is IchessU server.
d. Ports are 5000 23.

4. If all detailed above is correct, please contact IchessU administration by one of the Help options in IchessU software or through the web: Contact 

Ping a connection:
Inside the IchessU software you can ping your connection by “Connection->Service status”.

Disconnect from IchessU application:
You can disconnect from IchessU application by “Connection->Close connection” or “Connection->Exit” or pressing CTRL + Q.

Reconnect to IchessU application:
You can reconnect the IchessU application by “Connection->New connection”.
If you are already connected and would like to reconnect, first click on Close connection and then “Connection->New connection”.


What is a firewall?
A firewall is a security barrier between a computer or network and the Internet. It prevents viruses, worms and other virulent creatures from gaining access to your computer. The firewall can be installed as a software package on your computer (a “personal firewall”), or it can be located in a separate firewall computer or router in a network.

Personal firewalls:
Firewalls like Symantec’s Internet Security or ZoneAlarm protect individual computers. The first time you access the Playchess server, the firewall asks for permission to make the connection. You can configure a rule that allows it to access the server in the future without asking for permission each time. The permission is only for this one application and does not compromise your firewall security in any way. If you encounter problems in connecting IchessU, please ask IchessU administrator.

Network firewalls:
If you are connected to a network with a special firewall computer, it may be necessary for the network administrator to configure the firewall so you can access IchessU server. If you encounter problems in connecting IchessU, please ask your network administrator.

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