Tips & Tricks for Best Chess Opening Moves

Chess opening moves can change the way a game progresses. That is why international players improve or revise their strategy to fool the opponent, and take away the game from them. Openings, therefore, are critical, and one needs to learn a few tricks to ensure we are there to checkmate the opponent in the end.

Some of the tricks employed by the experts include:

  1. Devise a plan for the opening. Look at the tutorials and videos of expert chess players, to learn the best chess opening moves. Opening, after all, is like issuing a statement to the other player.
  2. Wait and observe before making the move. Look at the move made by your opponent, and try to learn what is behind that move. Every player plays to win, and each player has devised their strategy. Observe and analyze before moving the next piece.
  3. Plan the game before starting. Each player, on either side, has several strategies that they can employ. Be it Sicilian defense or the Italian game, each requires a plan, and not just for the opening moves, but for the subsequent ones too. Hence, studying the moves made by experts can help revise the strategies, build our plan and win the game.
  4. Keeping our king safe is crucial for a player. However, protecting the center is all the more essential. The center of the board is the controlling part. Protecting it and not letting the opponent’s pieces to cross the borderline can help in ending the game in our favor.
  5. Keep emotions at bay. We do not want others to know our move before we make it. A bland expression and a clear mind are the signs of a winner.
  6. Understand the effectiveness of the pieces, both at the beginning and end. The Bishop and Knight are the best examples here. While they start as equal, in the end, when other pieces are away, the bishop gains more power and can alter the course of the game.