Tips to Excel in the School Chess Tournaments

Are you preparing to compete in a chess school tournament? Whether this is your first or your fifth time, we have some tips for you:


1. Practice. The best way to prepare for and excel in chess school tournaments is to practice regularly—ideally every day. This is why some of the best-rated players in the world enroll in online chess classes and join online chess games, taking advantage of the chance to play and practice with all kinds of players in a convenient platform without physically going to a venue.

2. Solve tactics. If this is your first-time joining chess school tournaments or haven’t been to one in a while, you should warm up by solving tactics. Such exercises can do wonders for stimulating the mind and encouraging sharp and dynamic thinking. This can also help you become more confident.

3. Review your repertoire or openings. Think about your weaknesses. Decide on the lines you want to play and memorize them to play them confidently if they show up on the board. This can save you a lot of energy and time—important in playing well.

4. Prepare your body. Yes, chess is a game of the mind, but you also have to be fairly fit to compete in chess school tournamentsAsk yourself: Are you physically and mentally prepared to keep your composure? Games can be very long—something 6 hours or more. You need a fit body for your mind to work well. If you can’t bear the tension of sitting on a chair for hours and hours every day, you will succumb to blunders. So prepare your body as you prepare your mind. Jogging and taking long walks are effective.