Points That Should Be Remembered While Choosing a Chess Mentor for Your Chess Classes

Learning chess can be challenging without guidance from a knowledgeable person who knows the game. For this reason, it makes sense to find a seasoned chess mentor if you want to master it and become a better player. Also known as the ‘chess coach’, this person is responsible for teaching you the game in a better light. With their guidance, you should be able to analyze your moves, learn chess openings, and implement strategies like the ones used by professional players. Mentors will give you answers, problems, and feedback on every move, too, so that you may improve your skills as you go along. Selecting a mentor may be challenging, but you can consider remembering and following these points to make the process simpler and yield good results:

  • Look up mentors online – Visit chess forums and online training websites where chess players converge to study and play chess. Ask for tips and recommendations. A good chess mentor must be able to teach you in your preferred language so you can learn in the best possible way.
  • Get to know the mentor – Learn about the chess coach’s background and experience in both the game and mentoring. Consider someone who has been playing chess for decades. Some of the best instructors are international masters themselves who have helped fellow champions, too.
  • Find a mentor that specializes in your skill level – Coaches may be specialized in certain skill levels, as they have the knowledge and experience in working with certain types of learners. So if you are a beginner, consider a chess mentor who has a good track record of working with beginners like yourself. The same goes if you are an intermediate or an advanced learner, but with focus on a challenging coach who can train you further and challenge you with harder games.
  • Learn about the learning environment – Where will the classes be held? Consider a chess mentor who can hold classes online, so you do not have to worry about meeting in person, especially both of you live far apart.