Online Chess Tutor to Make Your Kids Learn Wonderful Game of Chess

Chess has been proven to be helpful in increasing intelligence in children in addition to helping them deal more effectively with their emotions. The game also helps them to understand better the truth behind wins and losses and become more well-rounded individuals.

The best way to teach chess to kids is through a chess tutor. However, taking him or her to a tutor does not always help since the teacher is more often than not unable to devote personal time to help each child. Thankfully, there are now quite a few online chess tutors who provide children with the necessary training to help them learn and become proficient in chess.

Here are few features and benefits of these classes:

Anytime learning

The best thing about online chess classes is that your child can learn from the comfort of their homes when they have the time. You do not have to rush them to class after school and try to manage your chaperoning schedule with your other work and chores. You can simply set aside an hour or so for your kid to learn chess, while you finish your work and relax at home instead of having to go out in the traffic.

Personalized training

Since the tutor is teaching online, they can chat and share their points with your child immediately. These online tutors leverage the best of technology to teach your child the nuances of different moves. Also, as your child’s game plan is available for the tutor to see, they can easily identify any mistakes or weaknesses in your kid’s gameplay and help her / him improve quickly and easily.

Saving on costs

You save significantly on costs when you sign up your child for an online chess tutor. In addition to the fees being much lower than what you get in a chess training institute, the savings in terms of gas bills and time are considerable. In addition, most of these sites offer a variety of add-on programs that are available at heavy discounts for existing students. This means that your child gets the best training possible at discounted rates.

Online reference resources

These online chess centers have considerable online reference resources, from videos to e-books that the can look up and learn. Your child can easily find the lessons they need to check and find the points they want to learn.

Learn with a diverse group of like-minded kids

Since these classes are online, there are a large number of children from different backgrounds and places learning with your kids online. Your child meets and plays with the best minds in their age group. This shared learning inculcates a sense of self-awareness and acceptance, crucial components to help your kid develop into a responsible world citizen.