Online Chess for Kids: The Ultimate Mind Game

In the initial years, people thought of chess more as a game for adults. However, over the years, the emergence of chess prodigies has turned this theory on its head. In fact, the reigning world champion Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen or as he is popularly known, Magnus Carlsen, was a chess prodigy and had become a grandmaster when he was only 13 years old. This further strengthens the theory that chess is a universal game and suitable for all people of all age groups. 

Online chess has emerged as the ultimate game for children to develop their minds. The game not only helps them increase their memory power and consequently enhance their IQ but also helps them build up essential character strengths that allow them to emerge as winners in life.

Here’s how online chess helps children:

It increases their concentration levels: Studies have shown that chess helps increase concentration levels in children. With conditions such as ADHD becoming more common among children, having a tool that teaches the importance of focus, concentration and self-discipline enables the children to control their impulsiveness and increase self-control.

It makes them understand the importance of thinking and planning: With most of the children now relying more on television and the internet for instant entertainment, the reliance on old games and ways to spend time that taught valuable life skills have passed on. Kids, nowadays, generically lack the level of thinking abilities and preparedness for life’s challenges that their parents had developed at an early age. All this, however, can be taught by chess. It can teach them about the importance of planning, strategizing, and adapting to changing circumstances without the need of any other teaching aid.

Online classes help kids learn the way they are comfortable: Children today are more comfortable with their desktops, smartphones and tablets than with class-based learning. They are able to learn faster as they discuss the game with their friends and fellow students, and easily learn what has been taught by the trainers and in the teaching modules.