Learn To Play Chess Online – It Makes You Smarter

There are various traditional ways you can learn to play chess – by yourself, with the help of family or friends or by enrolling in a chess learning class. However, with the growth of the internet, a new form – online coaching – has become popular because of the convenience and level of training it provides.


Here’s a look at why online coaching is beneficial and helps make you smarter.

Ease of access: Unlike learning by yourself or from family or friends, learning from a professional is always better. Unfortunately, not many people have easy access to chess training centers. These places, for instance, may be far away or have hours that are not very convenient. This is where online centers score better as they are accessible 24×7. You can learn whenever you have the time, day or night, and from anywhere. You do not have to miss a class simply because you are out of town. The online academy will be accessible whenever you want.

Access to the best teachers: This is perhaps the most important factor that has made online classes so popular in recent times. In a chess training center, the best teachers can generally take only a few classes a day and most students are unable to learn from them as those classes are generally full. This is not the case in online classes. Students can enroll and learn from the teachers directly. The teachers can teach them personally and answer all their questions. Moreover, the lessons take place through popular chatting software that makes it convenient for the students to learn. The teachers keep a regular tab on the students and help them address their challenges.

Learn with like-minded people from around the world: The fact that students can join from anywhere means they are able to able to see a much bigger world around them when they learn. They are able to see newer ways of approaching problems or applying a certain gameplay. This increases their awareness of the world around them, and they become better world citizens.

Practical lessons aplenty help increase intelligence: The online centers have a range of practical tests and games for students to try their hands on. The online centers also prescribe some hours of games on a daily or weekly basis that ensures the theory learnt from teachers is experienced through practical lessons. It has been seen that regular practice of chess makes people smarter. The online lessons ensure students increase their concentration levels, analytical thinking abilities, and intellectual acumen making them smarter and more levelheaded individuals.