Learn To Play Chess Online- 3 Rules For Chess Success

Playing chess is not the cup of tea of all. It requires the perception of the chess pieces and building a strategy to control the chessboard. Not all can develop the skills to become avid chess players. For this, one has to learn to play chess online from the best coaches. To play chess at a professional level, you will need the assistance of a chess coaching portal. Apart from the professional supervision, you will need to follow these three rules to play chess successfully.

3 basic rules of chess

When you are a beginner, you will need to follow these 3 basic rules to learn for playing chess online.

1.      Know what the pieces do

The first step is to know what the chess pieces do. The rules for playing chess need to be thoroughly considered so that you can understand and remember what these pieces are capable of. Remember, your moves determine the moves of the opponent too.

2.      Control the middle portion

A chessboard is nothing but a battlefield where you will find kings, queens, and pawns fighting to survive. You are the battle strategist. Hence, you will have to learn to play chess online and find out how to control the battlefield or the middle portion of the board. The one who controls it wins at the end.

3.      Patience and time control

Think ahead of the opponent and be patient. Your movement control will determine how you can place your chess pieces on the board and make the opponent baffled to make wrong moves. Anticipation is the key to success. Make sure you learn to read the moves and thoughts of the opponent.


These are the 3 basic rules you will discover when you learn to play chess onlineunder the supervision of the best coaches.