Welcome to IchessU Open !

Sign up to the IchessU Open Championship tournament. To register, please email us to info@ichessu.com

“Half the variations which are calculated in a tournament game turn out to be completely superfluous. Unfortunately, no one knows in advance which half” – GM Jan Timmann
IchessU opens the year 2012 with the traditional IchessU Championship and you are invited to participate.

This event uses the Swiss pairing system, and will last 7 Rounds, one game a week. The time control of each game is 60 minutes per player. You are not permitted to use chess programs during these          games (we will forfeit players we suspect of doing so, at our discretion). All levels can participate in this tournament. We will try and always match you with an opponent of your caliber.

The registration ends by 11-Feb-2012 and the tournament will begin the week of 20-Feb-2012.
How the games are scheduled?
Every Monday you will receive an email with your opponent for the upcoming week. Based on the availability of both opponents the day and the time of the game to be scheduled. All games take place on our learning platform. After the game, both opponents report the result .
Round 1- Week of Feb 20th
Round 2- Week of Feb 27th
Round 3- Week of Mar 5th
Round 4- Week of Mar 12th
Round 5- Week of Mar 19th
Round 6- Week of Mar 26th
Round 7- Week of Apr 2nd
First Place – A 30 min game against one of the famous Grandmasters and after the game analysis. And all of us get a chance to watch it
Second Place – 1 month of private lessons in IchessU
Third Place -1 month of group lessons in IchessU
Entree Fee: $15 Click here to sign up for the tournament
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