How to Select New Chess Tutor for Online Chess Lesson

Anyone who knows how to play chess can call himself a chess tutor, but this doesn’t mean that he can provide your child good instruction. Regardless whether you are looking for an experienced coach to teach and train your budding competitive chess player or a tutor who can provide your child with basic chess training, it is important that the person you choose is gifted at teaching and coaching. Some coaches boast high chess rankings and all sorts of titles and credentials, but don’t have any demonstrable teaching skills. Your child won’t learn from a chess tutor who is all chess ranking and no teaching ability. Choose online chess lessons from chess masters who also know how to coach and each. Here are things you should look for in a good chess coach:

  • Look for a chess tutor who can assist your child in diagnosing areas of his or her chess play that needs improvement. Not only do good chess coaches have the ability to gauge their students’ skills, strengths, and weaknesses, they also have tools and programs in place to help them improve in these areas. These are tutors who can effectively help you determine and face, head on, different psychological and cognitive challenges you struggle with on a chessboard.
  • A good chess tutor will also encourage you to maintain standards to help you focus on your chess training. They foster accountability so as to help you develop the discipline required to improve constantly in your gameplay.
  • Finally, choose a chess tutor that is the best fit for your child. A coach and student relationship can only succeed and thrive if both parties have aligned priorities. Make sure that your child is working with someone that he or she is comfortable working with and is always in the same page with his or her goals and priorities in learning.