How to Improve Your Logical Thinking by Playing Chess

Researchers over the years have found enough evidence that show a direct correlation between playing chess and improvement in logical thinking. The fact that these researches, conducted across different countries and different timelines, show the same result reflect what chess players have always known – that the game is more than a pastime – it is a way to increase concentration, strategic planning, analysis, rational reasoning and critical thinking, among others.


Here is how chess helps improve your logical thinking:

  • Helps you to think strategically: Chess gives each player the same shot at winning. Each has the same number of pieces and has to play the opponent on the same 64 squares. With the millions of possible moves and gameplays, it allows you to plan, adapt and rebuild your strategy every few minutes. Such a frequent change in plans allows you to adjust your ideas very fast and builds your strategic thinking abilities
  • Build your planning abilities: With each piece being able to move only in certain ways, you can see the possible outcomes of each movement. As you get better at playing the game, you also develop the ability to think 2-3 or more steps ahead. This aptitude helps you to build your logical abilities as you are able to plan better.
  • Enhances your critical thinking aptitude: Chess makes you think about every move you make and its consequences in the short term and long term. You are able to analyze dispassionately what each of your moves can do. You can also see what your opponent’s plans are. This helps shape your critical thinking capabilities and your logical reasoning abilities.
  • Increases brain muscles: The more you exercise your brain, the better its abilities become. Playing chess regularly will help you increase your intelligence levels. You will be a more balanced individual and more in control of your destiny as you will define your own path in life. Also, your enhanced abilities will have other positive side effects such as you getting better at studies and at work. The increased brainpower will also help you improve your logical thinking abilities.

Chess has now become an integral part of daily lives and games are available for desktops, tablets, and smartphones – online, offline and through apps for people to play and enjoy whenever and wherever they want. You can also enroll for classes online and get the best teachers to guide you through the learning curve.