How to Get a Chess Coach for Kids Online

Are you thinking about subscribing to chess for kids online? Given what’s happening these days, it is the safest and most convenient way to keep children occupied and productive at home. Who knows? This fun little hobby can even turn into something serious in the future.


If you are hoping for your kid to develop an interest in playing chess, whether as a hobby or a serious sport, you must find an excellent coach. Here are three tips on choosing the best chess for kids online and a suitable chess coach.

Consider the coach’s experience in teaching kids 

Good chess coaches are trained to teach students of different skills and ages. But the best tutor is particularly experienced in teaching kids instead of adults. He or she will be able to handle the challenges associated with working with young children and online learning because of years of experience. According to expert instructors, a child should never be forced to practice. Otherwise, he/she won’t develop an interest in learning. The best coach will make the chess lessons fun and keep it entertaining for your child.

Ask about their qualifications 

Your kid doesn’t necessarily need a grandmaster for a coach. Nevertheless, your child needs someone with a high enough rating. So aside from having experience, a reliable coach will have certain credentials. This will include his/her rating, experience in joining and winning local and international chess tournaments, and of course, a teaching certification.

Find a reliable chess online school 

Instead of looking for chess coaches one by one, just search for a trusted chess online school. Certainly, they have a pool of qualified and certified instructors who have relevant experience in teaching chess for kids online. Besides, it will be more convenient for your child because schools have their learning platform. But more importantly, this will assure you that the school is using curriculum-based lessons and covering all the necessary topics.