How to Choose Most Efficient Chess Tutor Online

Learning chess is not easy when you do not have the right mentor. It is hard to find the right mentors close to your location. This is why the experts suggest going online to find the most efficient chess tutor. Despite the suggestion, how can you find out the level of a chess coach? Here is what you need to do.

How to find an efficient chess tutor:

  • Go online and search

Delve in searching chess tutors online. You will get myriads of websites where you can look for and hire chess coaches. Jot down the names of the websites. Visit every website to find out how the classes are operated. Learn the process and shortlist the names that are suitable to you.

  • Find your level

The second step is to check your level first before you start scouting for the best chess tutor. There is nothing to worry about if you cannot figure out your level. If you want to start at the beginner’s level, you will know it. If not then seek professional counseling from the executives.

  • Seek demo classes

Once you are aware of your skill level, you can start finding the right chess coaches to start learning chess. Every reputed chess-coaching portal will offer demo classes with the reputed coaches so that you can find your compatibility level first. This is how you can find out which portal to choose and which chess tutorto seek professional mentorship.

  • Compare the rates

You will get multiple options to choose from. How can you find the right tutor? Check availability of the chess coaches, learn the tutoring charges, and compare. Proceed to hire the one who is well capable to teach you.


This is how you can choose the best chess tutor online and start learning how to play chess professionally!