Here are Some Tried & Tested Advanced Chess Strategies to Enhance Your Game

Learning chess is like learning a new language. You have to learn the use of different pieces in various situations equivalent of acquiring the vocabulary of a language. That is why it is not easy to learn chess strategies. Chess strategies are different from chess tactics since they do not include any surprise factor.

Chess strategies are used to accomplish long-term goals in the game. Chess tactics are based on sudden maneuvers, and they are entirely different from the strategies. Both of them cannot be separated as tactical opportunities are based on the previous strategies used in the game.

Learning chess in a structured form is the best way to learn chess strategies and their use. It takes some time to master the strategies, and it takes, even more, time to learn to use them effectively. Each strategy is different, and its implementation can be unique according to the game-play of the player himself.

Some tried and tested advanced chess strategies are mentioned here so that you can use them in your friendly or online games.

Avoid the frequent movement of any particular chess piece in a game. It shows that you have only developed one piece. It is desirable to develop all your pieces first or at least have a few instead on depending on just one piece.

If you have constructed a castle, then do not let your opponent file on your king.

All your developed pieces should be well-coordinated with each other else you will lose impact in your attack.

Always try to take control of the center of the board. It will give your more opportunities to move and plan a better strategy.

Try to cut-off the coordination between the pieces of your opponent, whenever possible.

Do not attempt premature attacks on your opponent. Attacks that do not have enough backup are often ineffective.

Try to find a weak spot in your opponent’s army. You can find and take advantage of the weaknesses of your opponent.

Try to exchange your ineffective piece with an effective piece of your opponent.

Do not be greedy as you can fall into traps designed by your opponent to lure you.