Chess Lessons Testimonials

Ethan Eggett, IchessU student

Alixandra and Ethan had a great time with John during their session. He is one of a kind! His patience, humour, encouragement, and incredible ability to relay important points in an easy to follow format is very impressive! Ethan adores John and as Alix watched some of the sessions and saw how much fun they were having she wanted to join in!
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Tom Bennett

“Awesome lesson, really enjoyed! John is a godsend, he is such a great guy and such a good teacher I can’t wait for my next lesson!!! I am so happy I joined u guys! That man is a genius,…”
Tom Bennett, United Kingdom, 26 years old

Maria Rodionov

“I enjoyed the lessons, learned a lot of great tactics and strategy. It’s like having Nimzovitsch on the phone. I think my game is vastly improved. The lessons have done me a lot of good.”Maria Rodionov, Russia, 36 years old

Arissa Torres

“THANK YOU so much for all your help with Arissa. This is beyond what we expected going in to Western States with only…”" Shey and Rommel, parents of Arissa Torres, USA, 8 years old

Curtis Jones

“When I have joined IchessU my level was around 1100. Today I am beating 2100 players and constantly playing in national tournaments and other events”…Curtis Jones, USA, 43 years old

Drew Cottrill

“Drew is preparing for the 2008 USCF Junior National Tournamant. Also, Drew won 3rd place in the Oklahoma State grade 6-9 primier section last…”Jerry Cottrill, father of Drew Cottrill, USA, 15 years old

Rockfort Watson

“Actually, this was the best class I have had so far. Going over my games helps immensely. Vlado was most impressive to me today, and is very appreciated….”Rockford Watson, USA, 34 years old

Shayna Provine

“I enjoyed the chess lessons provided by IchessU and really liked the chess tournaments. Learned a lot of great tactics and strategies. I think my game has vastly improved. I play…”Shayna Provine, 9 years old

Adrianna Jemielita

“When I started to attend IchessU my knowledge of chess was very basic: how to move each piece and a bit off game play. After few lessons I am starting to understand logic behind chess…”Adrianna Jemielita, 30 years old

Michael Elwell

“I have been playing since my mother taught the game to me when I was seven years old. I did not know about tournament chess until I was 18 years old. I would play here and there…”Michael Elwell, US, 47 years old

Elaine Baker

“John is an extra ordinary, marvelous teacher. I think of him as a genius, when he is able to make me understand certain moves and terminology about chess. Almost every new lesson seems…”Elaine Baker, USA, 68 years old

Zachary and Kyle Smith

“John Marble as a Chess Coach of extraordinary talent, most significantly his interpersonal skills which are exceptional (my son loves him), and his ability…”Kyle Smith, USA, father of Zachary, 4 years old

Ethan Eggett, IchessU student

“Alixandra and Ethan had a great time with John during their session. He is one of a kind! His patience, humour, encouragement, and incredible…” Lolo Eggett, Canada, father of Alixandra, 6 years old and Ethan, 8 years old

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