Learn How to Play Online Chess as a Beginner with Chess Tutorials at IchessU

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Anyone can join IchessU – the International Chess School! All the classes and tutorials are provided by experienced and well respected chess tutors. International Chess School offers variety of tutorials, addressing a wide range of variety of students.. addressing needs in areas like: chess playing level, time and money.

There are International Masters and Grandmasters certified tutorials available for all chess levels. Chess tutorials are very important if you want to take your game to a better level. From beginners to masters, IchessU offers chess classes and tutorials sure to help improve your game. And, with IchessU´s online flexibility, you can choose: study group size, the number of formal chess training hours per month, the most convenient meeting schedule, and even the chess lesson subjects within the chess program. At IchessU, we tailor fit your training regimen to fit your needs.

Our chess class follow a detailed syllabus, written by professional chess tutors and we tailor to fit the chess tutorials your level.

Important: The size of the group does not affect the quality of the chess lesson. The same chess tutorials can be offered to all group sizes. The only difference is the amount of personal attention a student will get.


Computer requirements

  • a fairly modern computer,
  • an internet connection
  • a microphone and speakers
  • a webcam (optional)


Chess experience

If you are a true chess beginner, never played or, perhaps you only know how the pieces move, then we recommend our beginner classes. The only requirements are your computer, and a willingness to learn chess and have fun.

Intermediate chess players can not just pick a class in the intermediate or advanced chess levels. We ask you supply IChessU with your player rating. We can use the ratings supplied by your school, national chess affiliate, or even one from your favorite online chess playing site. If the chess rating is unknown, you can take the online chess test or ask our chess tutors to evaluate your playing skill and suggest a chess course level.

IChessU is an education place; we encourage our members to improve their chess, although it is not necessary to take chess lessons to be a paying member. You can use the chess platform to play games, write a blog or solve chess puzzles completely free.

To join IChessU, you must be 18 years of age or older. Signing up for chess lessons requires a payment method, such as a credit card. If you are under 18, have your parent, guardian, or responsible adult enroll you. If computer skills are an issue for the responsible adult, you may operate the computer and then have him or her enter their credit card information in the appropriate location to establish your account.