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IchessU offers the most effective computer-based method for learning and mastering the themes, positions and ideas in chess. Our chess learning software is designed using innovative techniques and is suitable for players of all levels, from Kids to adults, from beginner to the seasoned expert. This online chess-mentoring platform will be your best tutor that will help you in learning chess rules and improving your strategy skills.

While other chess programs help you with your problems and answers, our chess learning software acts like an online tutor which allows you to understand the tactical and strategic themes and positions more deeply as you access different levels of the game.

The online chess tutor allows you to learn the game in an interactive way through its multi-path real-time interactive virtual classroom, see and hear the coaches and teammates as if you are attending a real class. The chess tutor offers learning for kids and adults of all ages. This chess tutor helps you to interact with players of all levels and make you learn the game in a better way. There is guidance provided by our expert coaches that helps you to analyze your moves and learn the game like a professional in the guidance of masters. You would be able to learn chess openings moves and many more moves and implement the same in the game as a professional would do.

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System requirements For Download

  • PC running Windows 2000 or XP
  • 400 MHz processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 15 MB free disk space on your hard drive
  • Sound Card, speakers and microphone
  • Internet Connection (either dial-up: minimum 33.6 Kbps modem, or any broadband: cable, DSL, etc.)

Recommended System Requirements For Download

  • PC running Windows 2000 or XP
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 30 MB free space on your hard drive
  • Full duplex sound card (most sound cards made after 1998), headset
  • Cable, DSL or equivalent broadband connection to Internet