Improve in Chess – Know How Playing Chess Improves Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is an important skill that can help you with almost everything in life. For this reason, it is taught early to kids as a means to improve their IQ and help them become independent thinkers in the long run. Thinking skills can be improved through certain activities, like playing chess. Studies and research have proven time and again the benefits of chess in developing and improving thinking skills. That said, you may want to improve (more…)

Chess for Kids Online – Psychological Learning Theory

Chess requires both tactic and strategy to win. Think of the game as if it is representing two kingdoms trying to outdo each other, but you and another player are in control of the army. This way, it can be a good way to train kids to think critically and strategically as they learn to play it. Instead of relying on traditional lessons, consider chess for kids online for a more convenient and flexible way to learn. That way, they can learn and master chess no matter (more…)

Learning Chess Openings – Important Tips Required to Remember on Playing

Every master chess player started out as a novice. To become better, you need to learn, study, and identify certain strategies, and apply them by practicing and playing with others. (more…)

Essential Ways to Find Chess Learning Software

When seeking out the best chess learning software, it is important to understand that every chess player is different and the best chess program for (more…)

Learn Chess Openings – Make Your Game Interesting & Winning

Mastering chess and becoming good at it requires learning essential chess openings. (more…)

Basic Principles of Online Chess for Beginners

Basic chess principles are important to learn as they serve as guidelines as you go through your games. Learning online chess for beginners is an excellent way to get your fundamentals down. (more…)

Improve in Chess: Think Right and You Will Play Better Chess

Having the right mindset is a key to playing better chess. If your goal is to improve in chess, how you think in the context of a game plays a crucial role in the quality of moves (more…)

Online Chess: Help Improve Your Chess by Going Nowhere

At the height of technology’s power and prevalence, almost everything can now be done in front of a screen. Online chess for beginners is only one of the most exciting technological (more…)

Know Different Strategies of Playing Chess for the Beginners

Chess strategy is just as important as tactics in any game. If you’ve always wondered how to play chess for the beginners and initiate progress as you practice the game, (more…)

Know the Chess Set Up and Rules of the Chess

While chess can be an intimidating concept, chess setup and rules are actually quite simple and easy to understand, if you only take time to really learn the basics. (more…)