Beginner Steps to Learn Chess

These days, these are so many ways to learn to play chess. Players can choose a technique according to their learning style. Some of them stick to the old technique of face-to-face instruction and memorizing. Others have moved towards online chess, which is more convenient and more interactive way of learning. (more…)

Learn Chess Openings: Some Important Rules

It is essential to know how to learn chess openings effectively because your initial moves will determine your game’s direction. If you are playing against an excellent opponent, one wrong opening move can mean losing.


How to Get a Chess Coach for Kids Online

Are you thinking about subscribing to chess for kids online? Given what’s happening these days, it is the safest and most convenient way to keep children occupied and productive at home. Who knows? This fun little hobby can even turn into something serious in the future.


Benefits Beginners Will Discover When Learning Chess Online

If you are new to this sport, you might want to join online chess games. Not only is this more convenient—but it’s also a cheaper way to study chess and a safer way in these days of social distancing. (more…)

Tips to Excel in the School Chess Tournaments

Are you preparing to compete in a chess school tournament? Whether this is your first or your fifth time, we have some tips for you:


School Kids Chess Play Program – Things to Know

Are you looking for something your kids can do at home when school is over? If you want them to have fun while learning skills that can help improve their cognitive abilities, it’s worth looking at after school chess programs. Here’s why: 


Online Virtual Chess Classes for SchoolKids – An Effective Way for Children to Get Good at the Game

As social distancing becomes the new normal because of the ongoing pandemic, many parents and teachers and looking for ways to keep their kids entertained and occupied. Online virtual chess classes for school kids may be just the escape and the mental challenge they need in these stressful times. There are so many benefits to learning and playing chess online. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re interested in enrolling your child in online virtual chess classes for school kids.


Improve in Chess – A Brief Guide on After School Chess Programs

If you are thinking of enrolling your children in afterschool classes to improve in chess, congratulations—you are making a smart move. Chess is not just a wonderful brain-booster for kids who want to excel academically—it’s also very good for kids who have problems focusing on schoolwork.


Learn to Play Chess Online – The Perks You Must Know

Interested to learn to play chess or get better with your openings and strategies? Here’s good news: You can conveniently and affordably learn it online. Why look for in-person chess lessons when you can attend virtual classrooms? Why learn on your own when you can have chess masters coaching you? It’s so much better to learn to play chess online (more…)

Chess Tutor – Improve Your Tactical Skills

Even if you are already an experienced chess player, it’s still good to have a personal chess tutor if you want to improve your skills continuously. Chess is a highly competitive sport that requires a combination of strategic and theoretical thinking. And while self-practice can help you develop self-discipline, it’s not enough. You need the guidance of a professional chess (more…)