Beginner Steps to Learn Chess

These days, these are so many ways to learn to play chess. Players can choose a technique according to their learning style. Some of them stick to the old technique of face-to-face instruction and memorizing. Others have moved towards online chess, which is more convenient and more interactive way of learning.

Whether you prefer the former or the latter doesn’t matter. The delivery method is not a huge issue for someone with zero knowledge and wants to learn to play chess. After all, beginners always follow the same steps:

  • Set up a chessboard

This involves placing the pieces in their right positions. All pawns are on the second row or ranks, creating a wall or barrier between you and the opponent. Each rook is on both ends of the first row. Next to them are the knights, which are the horse-shaped pieces. Beside them are the bishops. As for the queen, it should always be on a square that matches her color. This is how all chess games should begin.

  • Learn how to move each piece

Each piece moves differently over the board. You cannot move a piece through or jump over other pieces except for the knight. You cannot also move onto a square where one of its own pieces occupies it. You can only take the place of an opponent piece if you are going to capture it.

  • Understand how to win a chess game

Chess is a game of intelligence and strategy. If you want to learn to play chess well, you need to understand those strategies to win. Two of them are to checkmate the king and to drive your opponent to resign. Your first goal is to checkmate the opponent’s king or to trap him so that he doesn’t have safe spaces to go. If you are a strong opponent, the other player may raise the white flag and resign, which is unlikely to happen in a match between beginners.