Alternate Rules for Chess Game

Chess has certain rules and standards that players must follow to ensure a smooth gameplay that makes sense. However, some chess games can be played using alternative rules that may involve removing certain pieces or adding more pieces, and various time limits. Knowing these alternate rules can help you become a more versatile player while expanding your knowledge and ability. It can also make playing chess with your friends more fun.

Odd chess is one of the alternate ways to play chess. It lets unevenly matched players enjoy a fair game. Hence, it does not matter if you are playing an amateur player with a master and vice-versa. In odd chess, the more experienced or skilled player receives a handicap, which can vary from minimal (i.e. the less skilled player going first) to extreme (i.e. experienced player eliminates his pieces in the queen’s side). Some players add other chess rules. For instance, the strong player delivers mate on a particular square or piece.

Los Alamos is another alternate version of chess, and it is played on a six by six square board without the bishops. This type of chess game was invented for early computers, back when they lacked computing power for a full game. Capablanca chess is a game that is played on a 10 by 10 or 10 by eight board with additional pieces, such as an archbishop that can move like a knight and a bishop, and a chancellor that can move like a knight and rook. Blitz chess is a form of orthodox chess but considered a variant due to its rule, where you are allowed to play at different time limits (usually five minutes for every game). Some orthodox chess games may require you to be blindfolded. It can be a test of how much you know the board and the pieces.