After School Chess Programs for Kids

Learning chess online might bring out some questions in the minds of parents who want the best for their kids. However, it is true that for those kids who have never played a game of chess, learning the basics from IChessU can be a great help. In the amazing masterclass for kids, they will be able to learn all the basic tricks and tips to checkmate their opponents in the game of chess.

We offer fantastic after school programs for the kids who want to learn the game of chess or want to improve their game skills. If you have already played the game then this amazing program will be a great help when it comes to improving the techniques of the game in the best way!

Take Chess Lessons Today with Our After School Programs

Not to mention that it also enhances your strategy-building capabilities as well. Chess is a very popular game among kids these days as it helps in the development of cognitive abilities. So, learning chess from the experts can actually be a great thing, right? Well, you won’t have to worry about anything because the coaches here will guide you on all the basics as well as the advanced level tricks to use in this game.

Get your kids enrolled for the program now so that they can make better use of their time after school. The students will be provided with a relaxing and fun environment where they will easily be able to learn chess, play with other kids, compete and just have fun. Now is your chance to have your child enroll with the most popular online chess program. With the help of our after-school coaches, students will be able to learn the game, master the strategies and tactical vision. Get a faster, easier, and interactive way of learning all the tactics of chess to become a master in the game today!!