3 Successful Chess Rules for Beginners

Beginners often feel overwhelmed when they play chess on a serious level. They feel intimidated by the opponents. This happens due to the lack of confidence the chess players do not have during the beginning phase. This is where the online chess coaching tutorial can be used for learning chess from the top mentors. Chess experts suggest learning the best moves for beginner’s chess to gain control and confidence. Here is the list of the 3 best moves for this purpose:

3 successful chess rules

           1.           Control the central part of the board

If you observe very closely, you will find that all the master chess players always maintain control on the central part of the checkered board. It is the place where all the pieces will eventually move and occupy positions. If you lose the central part, you will not be able to move your pieces and the opponent will win. This is the first rule for beginner’s chess.

           2.           Developing pieces faster

Your prime aim is to develop the pieces with their fullest might as fast as possible. Try avoiding playing the same piece over and over again. You are actually missing the chance to ripen your chess pieces on the central part of the board. The more pieces you develop, the better chances you will get to control the board and to defeat the opponent.

           3.           Keep the queen safe for the time being

Do not play the queen in the middle board immaturely. The opponent will take this advantage and will sacrifice his less-powerful pieces to kill your queen and win the game. Concentrate on the other pieces and use the queen later as strength.


These are the top 3 successful strategies for beginners chess to follow and play. You will find more confidence and control in a chess game!