Ways To Choose The Best Chess Tutor For Kids

If you’ve been saving up to hire a chess coach, you don’t want one who will simply take your money and leave you with a few tricks—you want a coach who will also make the journey with you as you try to learn the ropes and leave you with techniques that will help you improve your game in the long run. You’ve got to have confidence in the teacher you hire, and he or she has to have the right tools to make learning fun and easy.

One way to know just how talented or qualified you’re chosen chess tutor is for the job is to get feedback from previous or current students. Checking with previous patrons or going through online reviews will give you a good insight about the things you can expect from enrolling in a particular program or hiring a tutor to teach you. When selecting a tutor, find one who not only understands the game, but is in love with it. Passion plays a huge part in teaching and learning chess. While anyone can learn or teach basic chess rules by simply reading about them or making/watching some tutorial videos, sharpening skills is an entirely different game that requires keen interest in how chess works.

A good chess tutor is also well equipped with good tools to help his students enhance their skills in the best way possible. It is true that computer programs alone cannot teach someone how to win actual games, particularly because these programs are mainly based on mathematical models and algorithms that barely if at all, reflect people’s way of thinking. This is where a coach comes in, helping you make sense of how actual opponents think and how to counteract situations instead of simply teaching you mechanical moves. Choose a tutor that knows how to communicate effectively and point out your blunders and the concepts behind bland moves.