Want to Learn Chess? Take Online Chess Lessons at IchessU

Chess is best learned and mastered with proper guidance from a good mentor. For this reason, it is recommended that you take up formal chess lessons at a reputable chess school. However, chess lessons can typically cost a lot of money—and you have to figure out how to fit them into your daily schedule. To avoid these problems, consider taking online chess lessons at a good school, like International Chess University. Also known as ‘IchessU’, it is an online community that specializes in providing top notch chess education. Online chess lessons at IchessU are aimed at individuals regardless of age and skill. Its coaches can work with students with special needs, too, including kids with ADHD and adults who have Alzheimer’s.

IchessU lets you learn chess in the most convenient ways possible. The lessons are conducted online, so you do not have to worry about going to an actual facility to participate in classes. The classes can be taught in private or group classroom settings. You can choose to be part of a small, medium, or large group of learners, too, depending on your budget. Private lessons may be ideal if you require one-on-one instruction.

International Chess University is unlike any other online chess tutorial or learning platform because it developed its own chess learning program and audio/video interactive system. That way, students and coaches can easily communicate with one another as if they were face to face in an actual venue. IchessU developed a universal curriculum, too, and it hires only the coaches who are dedicated to chess education. With online chess lessons, you do not have to worry about timezone differences and your budget. IchessU has a great selection of online chess programs for every budget and every age. The internet helped reduce the cost of chess lessons, so they should be more accessible to any learner from any country.