Tips to Improve Your Chess Strategies Online

Learning chess strategy is a completely different ballgame than learning chess tactics. Unlike the latter, which is typically a one-two punch move, the strategy is more about long-term goals, and thus requires deeper thinking and planning. When it comes to strategy, there are positional factors to consider as you develop strategic plans, which often extend all the way through the end game. Here are some useful tips you can use to improve strategic thinking in chess:

  • Own the center. Right from your opening moves, make it a point to take control of the center. Beginners are often told to put their pawns and pieces in the center. However, seasoned players and grandmasters often ditch this basic advice, controlling the center from afar with more powerful pieces. You can get huge space advantage by pinning your pawn in the center, but this is only one way to rule the area.
  • Establish/pay attention to pawn chains. They make it difficult to pry open a way to get to the king, and they often dictate which side of the board to play on.
  • Exploit pawn weaknesses. Masters and grandmasters have different ways to push their pawns. When establishing pawn positions, try to answer questions like: Will it weaken your king? Will it create a weak spot/square? And will it worsen your pawn structure in the end game? These are critical questions to ask especially since the pawn is the only piece on the board that cannot go backward.
  • Exploit weak squares by using your king.
  • Improve the chances of your worst piece if you find yourself in a complex middle game without any clear target. You can do so by trading it off or finding a better square with more strategic potential.
  • Always explore moves. The above are by no means the only factors you should look into when playing chess. Learn by experience as you take your online classes.