Some Easy-to-Learn Chess Moves

In the world of chess, every move counts. This is why a lot of chess enthusiasts search the internet for information on clever ways to be ahead of the game. While being great in the league requires much practice, time, and effort, there are also some easy-to-learn chess moves that you can snag from the geniuses in the field. The main secret is this: In order to win, you must know how to dominate even at the very start.  Every move counts, especially the first ones. 

One example of an easy chess moves is getting your opponent to gain a weak color complex. If all of the pawns of one player are on one color and there is no bishop to guard them, then he or she begins to lose control over the majority of the color of the squares. Once you spot this situation, you must push your opponent to the limit and invade his or her side of the board.

Another smart easy-to-learn move is getting your opponent to reveal most of the back pieces. Force your opponent to give up as many pawns as possible, leaving one in the middle. Use all your pieces to pressure your opponent to move that one pawn and move the remaining pieces around randomly to protect it and destroy the other player’s strategy.

Here’s another easy but effective move, look into your very own pieces and form a strong strategy in your head to pursue offense. Find a way to strengthen each piece you have. Always improve your own troop. If there is still no open way to attack your opponent, make sure you are aware of your game plan. After all, nothing beats the best defense.

Try practicing online using chess coaching sites to get more information on easy-to-learn moves. Some online chess academies offer private lessons or set you up with other students to play inside a virtual classroom.