Revealing Winning Chess Moves: Surefire Tips to Instantly Win Chess

Memorization of opening, mid, and end game moves can only get you so far in chess. Additionally, the countless variations of moves can leave those who rely mostly on memorized moves way lost as the game progresses. If you want surefire ways to win every game you take on, what you need are mental tools that will allow you to position winning moves even when pieces are in places or formations that are completely new or unfamiliar to you. Here are great tips on finding the best winning moves in chess:

  • Forcing moves – winning chess combinations usually begin with forcing moves. These include checks, captures, and checkmate threats. Knowing what kind of forcing moves are available to you as well as to your opponent in certain positions will help you uncover winning combinations and tactics. Before touching any piece to make a move, always ask yourself what kind of forcing moves are in position
  • Attack moves – attack moves are designed to threaten opponents and they can also be used to counter opponent’s threats instead of retreating pieces readily when danger of capture arises. Attack moves can instantly turn tables around, when done properly and with proper thought. However, you should also recognize times when you need to fall back and retreat, although counterattacking should be done whenever possible.
  • Best moves – take time with each move. No matter how good you think your tactical plan is, don’t hesitate to sit on your hands while you evaluate your next few moves. Oftentimes, you will find a better move than what you originally planned. It helps looking away from your board to refresh the senses.

You can learn tactical moves by getting proper training and playing experienced opponents within a good community of serious chess players who can ultimately help you improve your game.