Qualities That a Chess Mentor Should Have

Behind a good chess player is a great good coach. A real chess mentor goes beyond just helpingthe player learn and master all the basics of the game—more importantly, he or she makes sure that the student develops good critical thinking abilities. If you are interested in hiring a chess coach, there are several characteristics to look for. 

1. First, a chess mentor should be patient—patient enough to take the time to explain how every move matters. After all, each move has equal capacity to change the face of the game. Some coaches rush into the lessons and move on to the next module even though the student hasn’t completely grasped the concept. Stay away from those types of instructors. You want someone who lets you ask as many questions as you need. A good chess mentor will take the time to ensure that you have mastered a certain strategy before moving on to the next step.

2. A good coach will be able to see if your needs aredifferent from other students and will make adjustments as necessary. Evaluation is one of the key factors in coaching lessons. Proper evaluation is the basis of a positive mentoring relationship that truly allows you to grow and develop into a better player.

3. A coach should also be creative to make the lessons interesting enough to hold your attention. It’s essential for a chess coach to be a good motivator to keep students interested in the game and urge them to continue on studying it. This may involve signing you up for online games and tournaments.

Online chess coaching sites can offer you various coaching plans to choose from. Some coaching sites even allow you to cancel the plan anytime. Schedule your first online class at your most convenient time now.