Provocative Health Advantages of Playing Chess

A good chess player is required to have strategic thinking skills, determination, creativity and also the ability to understand the body language of your opponent. And when the player plays his/her part, the game of chess not just rewards them with long hours of entertainment but some health benefits as well.

While it is well-known that chess improves mental capabilities, let us have a detailed look at 5 of the most amazing health benefits of playing chess.

  • Increases the growth of dendrites: Dendrites are responsible for conducting signals from your brains neuron cells to neurons to which they are attached. Playing chess increases the growth of dendrites which helps in improving the quality of your brains neural communication. This results in an increase in the processing power of your brain.
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s: As we age, every major muscle group in our body requires regular exercise to function properly. While physical exercises can take care of the muscles of our body, what about the brain? It turns out that playing games, like chess, provides the brain with the workout it needs to function properly and reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s.
  • Treats Schizophrenia: Schizophrenic patients who play chess on a regular basis show better improvements as compared to the patients who do not. Moreover, the patients who do play chess also show signs of improved planning, reasoning, and attention skills.
  • Better recovery from disabilities and strokes: Playing chess is also known to improve the fine motor skills of individuals who have suffered a stroke or have some disability. The game requires people to move the chess pieces in different directions which help with the motor skills and the mental efforts for playing the game helps in improving communication and cognitive skills.
  • Improves concentration and thinking skills of children: Children who play chess from a young age are known to perform better in their studies. Studies show that chess helps in improving the problem-solving, reading, mathematics, and thinking skills in children.

While playing chess is something that is commonly associated with very smart people, the amazing benefits that the game has to offer makes it essential for each one of us, including kids, adults and even the individuals who are aging. Add chess to your life and you are sure to experience some astonishing changes in your life.