Online Chess Tutor for Kids – Introduce Chess to Children

A game of chess for one hour can make John, Harry or anyone, a smart boy.

Well, although none of our philosophers have written the above verses, it is widely believed that chess is a game which can enrich a growing brain and bring several folds to it, making you intelligent in the long run.

So, as a parent, wanting their children to be a go-getter, is it not the time for us to start their chess classes? With the online chess tutorials making it easier for them to learn chess from the comfort of our home, all it takes is a few minutes in front of our computers to enroll the kids in it.

However, first, let us see what chess can do for our children.

  • Chess is not just another board game. It involves some excellent and very calculated moves. So, that means, much thinking, strategizing and analysing is required, which is best for a growing child, to increase their thinking capacity and the ability of the brain.

  • Chess requires the coordination of eyes, hand and mind. Since that is what is needed for a growing up child, a game of chess can be a value addition.

  • Chess can keep your child away from the digital and video games or television for hours. This is one point that all parents would rejoice in and agree.

So, since we have a game that can provide a child with overall development, and that too, taught online, why not let them learn from the experts to enrich their lives?

The online tutorials not only provide love tutors, but they also upload practise sessions to make it all the more attractive. Moreover, since your kid will be sitting in front of the computer, their favourite past-time, you can get the most out of it, and let them learn something which will add value to their learning skills.