Online Chess Training for Improving Your Child’s Visual Memory

Having a strong memory is a boon. The reliance on technology rarely presents an occasion that stretches one’s brainpower. The mind is habituated to the daily routine, and one seems to navigate the day almost like a drone. This also means people derive little joy from day to day activities and life, in general, seems dull and boring.

Among the many casualties of a modern lifestyle is the ability to retain visual information. This issue is illustrated with a difficulty in remembering faces or recalling visual details from memory. This can have a severe impact on young children. Development of visual memory is essential for most tasks, but they are not trained to do it anymore. Visual memory problems can even impair the development of speech and language skills and object and spatial memory.

Children will not find mental exercises fun, but they love games. Chess is a game that can be a great motivator for kids. Chess has numerous advantages. It helps improve concentration, planning skills and memory. Chess training for kids can have even more benefits than it does for adults.

Several websites offer chess training online. The best ones have FIDE certified trainers who specialize in training a certain demographic. Chess training for kids is different from training to prepare for the national chess Olympiad. For children, the best coaching is interactive, funny and easy to learn. They help children develop concentration and hone their reasoning and logical skills. The internet is just a medium, but a very effective one for the new age.

• Playing chess at an early age helps increase attention spans
• Increased attention span helps develop reading habits
• Chess improves visual memory along with dimensional reasoning abilities
• Children playing chess intuitively start memorizing the positions of pieces on the board and visualize their movements and placements
• They learn the skill of using limited resources according to need and demands of a situation
• They learn to focus on their objectives and goals in different situations
• Chess is also a game of possibilities and probabilities. It enables children to analyze and think through ‘if-then’ scenarios. This promotes analytical abilities
• Researchers have found that non-fictional creativity increases significantly because of chess. It puts children in a situation that they have to visualize possible solutions after every move

Game of chess gives immediate feedback. You lose your focus and you will lose a piece, repeat your mistakes and you will lose the game. It encourages kids to work hard and practice. Some of life’s most important skills can be learned from a chess board.