Online Chess: Improves Children Cognitive and Critical Thinking Skills

Chess is an excellent game which requires the players to focus, think and then make a decision. While adults who love playing chess can spend hours on it, it is highly recommended that even children should be trained to play chess.

Playing chess comes with a host of benefits for the children which have been confirmed in many scientific studies. The game is known to improve the cognitive and critical thinking skills of the children and makes them a better decision maker.

Let us try to know the benefits of playing chess for children in detail.

  • Improves IQ: While children are not required to go through an encyclopedia to play chess, the game helps in improving their thinking abilities. Children use many different areas of their brain to play the game which in turn strengthens their brain muscles and sharpens their mind. Moreover, it is the impatience that often leads to children and adults making the wrong decision. Chess helps them to think slowly and make their moves very patiently.
  • Independent Decision-Making: While playing, children make the moves on their own without consulting anyone. This helps in improving their decision-making abilities which can prove very beneficial in the later stages of life as well.
  • Improves Problem-Solving Abilities: While playing chess, children learn to analyze the problem from all the different angles and then make the best possible decision. When they make a move, good or bad, they get to see live results of their decisions and over time, this can help in improving their problem-solving skills and will make them understand that there can be consequences to bad decisions.

Apart from these, skills like mathematics, language, reading and memory are also improved through various aspects of playing chess. As you can see, children can gain incredible benefits from chess and the skills that they learn at this young age will continue to help them in later stages of life as well.