Learn To Play Chess Online and Improve Your Intellectual Ability with It

Many schools across the globe have added chess to their course curricula. Extensive research and findings have made people strongly believe that playing chess aids the advancement of their students’ intellect. Such institutions take pride in providing opportunities to the students to hone their extracurricular skills. Promoting students to indulge in strategic games boosts their IQ. Chess is one such strategic game that has a goal-oriented approach. It develops skills like planning and analysis with a logical approach. But not everyone goes to such a school, and learning to play chess is not limited to one’s school years. Playing chess online is an excellent alternative that provides a structured framework to learn and develop such skills.

In a game of chess, one must go in with a plan of action or a strategy in mind. This helps them move the pieces around the board accordingly. Each strategy must also evolve in real–time on numerous occasions as the opponent counters one’s moves over the course of a game. This requirement to plan, adjust, and re-plan after every move enables people to take action based on circumstances that change every minute – a metaphor for life’s own challenges. This consequently helps them to move ahead despite the misfortunes. It makes them stand determined and ready to execute strategies based on new information.

Online chess training is a good start to trigger the urge to question logically and respond in an equally efficient manner. It is a real-time experience of events from where you pick up tricks and tactics for life as well.

Theories have proved that a game of chess is related to Edward de Bono’s theory of ‘Six Thinking Hats’. This is because it involves complete utilization of brain and multi-perspective thinking. The ‘White Hat’ signifies facts and figures that symbolize the rules of the game and is also representative of the raw information available at any stage. The ‘Red Hat’ is the symbol of an emotional view which denotes the skills of instantaneous decisions making and counters to every move. The ‘Black Hat’ implies caution and judgment that assists you to strategize. The ‘Yellow Hat’ signifies the positive side of the game i.e. the learning patterns and critically examining situations to gain a favorable outcome. The ‘Green Hat’ showcases the creative side and the growth of skills and knowledge that become a part of the player’s personality. The ‘Blue Hat’ symbolizes how organized you are in your decision-making and conclusions. The pieces you move must push forward towards your goal. Chess is one of those activities for the brain that makes you put on all your thinking caps and explore the world with an all new perspective.