Learn Online: The Best Opening Moves for Chess

Chess strategy is an art. It involves formulating a solid plan for the game and arranging chess pieces ever so carefully to accomplish the said plan in light of the best response of the opponent. The best chess strategies allow you to control the chess board right from your first move.

Every chess player learns differently and prefers different strategies and tactics. Others may prefer memorizing specific openings and strings of moves, while others put more value on general principles that can help them formulate their own moves. When learning and playing chess, it is important to remember that nothing is ever carved in stone, and that there will be times when it is more sensible to ignore specific opening principles and strategies, Nevertheless, the following are some excellent opening strategies and principles to keep in mind as you learn and study chess online:

  • A basic first move is to launch the pawn in front of the king or the queen forward to open up paths for pieces on the back rank. To move the pawn in front of the queen, for example, opens up the path for your bishop and king.
  • A good developing move is anything that gets a chess piece out of its starting square. Developing moves are important because they allow you to position pieces where they can accomplish something, such as aiding your defense or attack or working towards your initial game plan. Developing moves are best drawn to take hold of the central squares.
  • It is not advisable to move the same piece twice during the opening salvo. To find a strategic developing square for each of your opening pieces and leaving them there unless they absolutely have to be moved is the best tactic so you can concentrate on developing other pieces.