Learn How to Develop Problem Solving Abilities in Children with Online Chess

Studies have shown that children who play chess on a regular basis are better at problem solving abilities. Playing this ancient game helps the kids to increase their concentration, enhance their logical reasoning abilities, and help improve their analytical abilities – all traits that help in problem solving.


There are various ways in which children can learn how to play chess. They can learn it from their parents, teachers, family, relatives or friends. They can also learn it by joining a chess coaching academy or online classes. In fact, online classes are one of the better ways to learn and practice the game.

Here is how online chess increases the child’s problem solving abilities:

Improves their concentration

The constant attention that children have to give the online chess game helps them to inadvertently reduce their attention deficiencies. They are able to focus better on the task at hand and are better able to finish what they are doing than jumping to the next thing that grabs their fancy. This ability to resist external provocations further helps the kid to improve his or her concentration levels.

Helps improve their memory

Research has shown that chess helps players to improve their memory. This is truer for children who are in their growing up years. The thinking that goes into a chess game help develop stronger neural connections that lead to the development of a sharper and more intelligent mind. And since these are the growing up years, the child is able to become more intelligent by playing the game.

Increases patience and fortitude

Patience and fortitude are key essentials to solve any problem. Children who subscribe to online chess classes are able to play the game patiently. They are able to devise plans for attack and defense and sometimes see that all their best plans do not result in a win. In addition to making them humble, it also teaches them patience as they realize they could have won if they had planned and adapted better, and seen their strategies through to the end.

Enhances problem solving skills one notch at a time

Online chess classes involve various levels of gameplays from beginner to expert. Your children learn the lessons at their expertise level and go on to the next levels. This incremental learning process helps improve their problem solving abilities as they learn to resolve all types of problems across all levels of difficulty.