Is Learning Chess Online Worth Your Time and Money?

Learning chess is quite simple, but training to be good at the game is another story. Online chess training is one of the best and most effective ways to learn and get good at the game. With the many great benefits that playing chess offers, a lot of parents want their children to be proficient at the game. Just the same, more and more children are getting fond of this intelligent hobby. Improved memory, sharp mathematical skills, enhanced concentration, highly developed logical thinking, independence, creativity and healthy psychology are only some of the great benefits of chess, not to mention that it is a pastime that is fun and cheap to learn and do. Here are some of the best advantages of learning chess online, along with reasons why learning the game online is totally worth your time and money:

  • You have virtually no choice but to succeed when training online. Any chess training class or program that is worth its salt can turn you from an absolute newbie into a world class player. With a good training course, you can easily formulate action plans and acquire information that you can read and even re-read as you go along your training.
  • Online training is also inexpensive. Actual chess trainers or tutors can cost you even hundred dollar per hour, or probably the cost of an entire online training course. You can learn and experience more with the same amount of money or less in an online chess course.
  • Online training also saves you from the time and hassle of having to read chess books that are either too advanced for someone who is only starting out, or too scarce for information for a player who already has all the good knowledge about basic chess rules and tactics.