IChessU: The Best Place to Learn Online Chess


Whether you are a beginner who finally has time for chess lessons or an experienced player who is looking forward to upgrade your skills, IChessU is the best place to learn online chess. Not only will you be tutored by the best coaches and mentors in the field—you will be coached live online and will get to choose between one-on-one classes and interactive lessons with other students in a virtual classroom. Concerned about your age? Don’t worry. IChessU is an international professional chess school with coaches for every age group and skill level. 

Chess lessons are known to be expensive, but this is not the case with IChessU. You’ll be glad to know that this online chess academy allows you to get affordable but quality chess lessons from the comfort of your home. By choosing IChessU, get the same quality coaching and instruction without the stress and the expense associated with physically attending chess lessons outside your home.

IChessU is the best place for chess enthusiasts as well as those who simply want to learn a new skill. Not only are we upholding the highest standards in chess coaching—we are also apassionate community of chess players of all levels. Are you a parent looking to show your child the joy of playing chess? Are you interested in learning chess yourself? We are more than happy to accommodate you. The cognitive skills honed in our chess classes are beneficial in real life decision making and everyday living.

Our school’s huge success has been proven by countless testimonies from the world over, from children and adult learners. We are also proud of the IChessU students who have entered chess tournaments and bagged awards. Join us for your first online assessment lesson! Contact us for more details.