Introduction to the Game of Chess and Online Courses

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IchessU is launching a special program for children and adults during the coronavirus times at home.You can choose any of the below courses for only $10. Each session will be one hour. Once you complete these courses you will be able to join more courses to enrich your chess skills.

How does it work:

  1. Email us at and indicate what courses you would like to join
  2. Pay for the course below
  3. We will schedule the course as per your desired time schedule
  4. All courses are done online using our virtual chess classroom and Skype. Feel free to create your IchessU account as you will need it to access our virtual classroom

If you are interested in more than one course, please indicate so in the email. We will also run chess tournaments for all of you to play with other kids or adults around the world. In your email to us, please indicate who the lesson is for, available days and times, chess level and Skype Username

The Board and Pieces


Learn about the game of chess, the board and how pieces move. What is the strength and weakness of each piece.

Checkmate and Draw


Acquire the basic knowledge about how to win and draw the game. What are the main goals, plans and strategy.

Do’s and Dont’s


Understand what you should focus on at the opening of the game. What are the do’s and dont’s you should follow.

Attack and Defense


Evaluate the potential capture of the material. How to count the attackers on a square vs. defenders of the same square.


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