Get Tips and Essential Information about Chess: Become a Master

Chess is primarily a game of tactics and strategy, with each player commanding his own army of chessmen. A well-played game consists of three distinct stages, namely, the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame. The opening is where you ought to bring out your forces and prepare them for combat. The middle game begins as you maneuver pieces to positions, and initiate attacks. The final stage or endgame is the part of the game where it is safer for the kings to come out from shelter and join the battle. Besting your opponent at each stage of the game requires careful application of different principles, as the situation demands. The following are great tips you can use help you win games and improve your chess ranking:

• Observe your opponent’s moves. Each time there is movement from the other side of the board, take time to stop and think why the particular move was chosen, if the piece is any danger, or if there are any threats you should watch out for. Contemplating on the kind of plan your opponent has in mind is also key to beating him to his plans and carrying out your strategies.

• Always make the possible move. When it is your turn to make a move, ask yourself whether it is the best move at the moment or if the move will put your piece at a better position than the one it is on right now. Make sure you are protected from attacks and that you don’t leave any opening for your opponent.

• Plan ahead. Strategizing is all about developing a game plan, and this game plan should orchestrate your pieces in a way that will make your opponent have a hard time defending his base. Each piece should be an instrument to your victory.