Essential Tips to Improve in Chess

Learning chess on your own can be challenging. For beginners and intermediate players, the information on different openings, strategies, and tactics could become overwhelming. That said, here are some essential tips to help you improve in chess more effectively:

  • Sign up for lessons – Consider signing up for chess lessons online where you can learn conveniently anytime, anywhere, while being guided by a professional and experienced coach. Their guidance will help you analyze your moves and understand chess openings and other essential factors to help you improve.

  • Learn chess openings – The opening encompasses the first moves. It is where you and your opponent must work to develop your respective forces with the goal of overpowering the other’s defenses. There are many different openings, which greatly vary in their character. You will find that some are aggressive, and some are focused on quiet, positional play. The Encyclopedia of Chess Openings have classified all openings, and to improve in chess, you may also want to look into it. Even professional players continue to learn openings throughout their careers because opening theory keeps evolving.

  • Stay up-to-date with chess strategies and tactics – Both are dependent on each other, as strategy is concerned with setting and achieving your long-term goals in the game and tactics are the means on how to execute them with moves. Tactical opportunities occur according to the previous strategy, and strategic goals are achieved with tactics. Chess lessons and consistent practice can help you improve in chess on this aspect.


  • Play with others – Online chess platforms offer a safe and secure environment where players of every level can challenge others and play on a virtual board. You could even play with someone whose level is more advanced than yours to see how you would fare.


Practice – Practice makes perfect, and that also applies if you want to improve in chess. So, keep playing versus a computer or virtually with other players, including your coach.