Challenge Your Brain Efficiency by Learning Chess Openings Online

The game of Chess used to be known as the ’Game of Kings’ and not without good reason. It was regarded as a test of intellectual gifts and a person’s ability to outsmart their opponents using them. But modern studies show that chess develops and enhances intellectual capacity, and is not a prerequisite as is commonly believed. In a recent study, it was found that playing chess is an ‘exercise’ for every part of the brain. It develops mental abilities used throughout one’s life – concentration, analytical thinking, and abstract reasoning, puzzle solving, pattern recognition, strategic planning and foresight, creativity, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

The first few moves in the game of chess lay the foundation for the rest of it. Practicing for the opening moves helps the player strategize even before a game actually starts. If the opening gambit pays off, they can go on to dictate how the game unfolds. The game can move in various directions immediately after, and innumerable permutations and combinations can arise. To stick to a game plan and follow a strategy is an acquired skill and a test of the brain’s efficiency in organizing thoughts. This is more than just a metaphor as the brain cells do, in fact, create stronger bonds with adjoining neurons, raising the efficiency of the neural pathways.

It is important for the beginners to understand the important moves and theories behind the opening of a game of chess. One not only needs to memorize the strategies but also know the logical reason behind the same. It is important for any chess player to figure out what type of strategy they like to play as each opening has a different style. Once they are familiar with what they like, it is time to move ahead and master other strategies as well.

Every opening gives a different direction to the game. For the beginners, it becomes challenging to understand how to head the game. So, it is advised to learn the game and related theories from an expert. Online chess coaching centers are one of the best places to find such a tutor. The importance of understanding the concepts and their application is more important than just memorizing moves. Even one careless move nullifies a winning streak.

Learning chess online also includes a range of activities like interactive games, brainstorming exercises, and feedback sessions that encourage logical thinking. Moreover, you learn how to start the game, anticipate what opponent tends to move and strategize the game accordingly.