Online Chess for Kids: The Ultimate Mind Game

In the initial years, people thought of chess more as a game for adults. However, over the years, the emergence of chess prodigies has turned this theory on its head. In fact, the reigning world champion Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen or as he is popularly known, Magnus Carlsen, was a chess prodigy and had become a grandmaster when he was only 13 years old. This further strengthens the theory that chess is a universal game and suitable for all people of all age groups.  (more…)

How to Improve Concentration and Memory Power by Playing Chess Online

Studies show that chess helps players to increase their concentration levels and memory power. In fact, some of the best schools and colleges in the country recommend this game to help their students develop various skills such as logical thinking, abstract reasoning, and spatial intelligence, in addition to helping them develop various characteristics such as patience, self-discipline, humility and a never-say-die attitude. The reasons for this lie in the nature of this beautiful game.  (more…)

Chess Strategies for Beginners: Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Chess is a game where the continuously evolving strategy helps players to develop their problem solving skills. These skills develop over the course of learning how to play the game. The natural progression in improvement of these abilities can be witnessed in the way a player learns to adapt and change as he or she moves on from being a beginner to an expert.  (more…)

Online Chess Lessons for Beginners: Improving your Execution Ability

One of the fundamental things chess teaches is the ability to plan and execute a course of action. Being a strategy game, it makes players think of different options before they make a move and the implications each move has on the opponent. They also learn to think of the possible actions that the other player may make to counter their line of attack. Such logical thinking enhances the ability of the player to think, plan and strategize. (more…)

Chess Classes Online – Improve Your Chess Strength

Online classes are the best way to learn to play chess and become an expert in it. These classes are also perfect for people who already know the game and are looking for ways to keep practicing or solve problems that they are not able to beat on their own. (more…)

Learn How to Develop Problem Solving Abilities in Children with Online Chess

Studies have shown that children who play chess on a regular basis are better at problem solving abilities. Playing this ancient game helps the kids to increase their concentration, enhance their logical reasoning abilities, and help improve their analytical abilities – all traits that help in problem solving. (more…)

Learn To Play Chess Online – It Makes You Smarter

There are various traditional ways you can learn to play chess – by yourself, with the help of family or friends or by enrolling in a chess learning class. However, with the growth of the internet, a new form – online coaching – has become popular because of the convenience and level of training it provides. (more…)

How to Improve Your Logical Thinking by Playing Chess

Researchers over the years have found enough evidence that show a direct correlation between playing chess and improvement in logical thinking. The fact that these researches, conducted across different countries and different timelines, show the same result reflect what chess players have always known – that the game is more than a pastime – it is a way to increase concentration, strategic planning, analysis, rational reasoning and critical thinking, among others. (more…)

How to Enhance Your Tactics and Strategies by Playing Chess Online

Until just a few years ago, it was not uncommon to find a section in a local park dedicated to chess players. Public tables often attracted talented players, and students of the game would watch and learn with eager impatience. Chess clubs could also be found in the hallowed halls of ivy-league universities, and much pride and dignity was associated with their associated tournaments. (more…)

Boost Your Intellectual Skills by Joining an Online Chess School

The internet has enhanced our ability to reach out to people, knowledge, entertainment, and fun. We can instantly seek things we like and keep follow our inspiration for as long as we like. This has also enhanced the way we treat our hobbies and interests. Online coaching for almost all kinds of activities enables those with intent to pursue their avocation with a measure of seriousness. Chess is also not an exception. A number of online schools dedicated to chess are ready to transform your game and skills.  (more…)