Control the Course of the Game with the Best Chess Opening Strategy

Chess opening strategies are crucial to win a chess game. Good strategies allow you to gain a quick control of the center, safeguard your king, create positions to mount an attack and prevent any weak links in the pawns. Moreover, pieces are placed in such a way that they protect each other. (more…)

A Brief Introduction to Learn Chess Strategy and Movements

Chess is known for its various strategies and movements. From opening moves to ones for checkmate, there are countless game plays that you can use to outwit the opponent and win the game. Most of these plays have been perfected by the grandmasters and the experts, and there are innumerable arguments in favor of each. (more…)

Online Chess Learning Software: An Effective Educational Tool to Improve Mathematical Skills

Apart from allowing you to improve your chess-playing skills in a simpler, cheaper and convenient way, online chess learning software also helps in improving your mathematical skills.

How? Let us find out. (more…)

Provocative Health Advantages of Playing Chess

A good chess player is required to have strategic thinking skills, determination, creativity and also the ability to understand the body language of your opponent. And when the player plays his/her part, the game of chess not just rewards them with long hours of entertainment but some health benefits as well. (more…)

Chess Learning Software: Enjoyable Way to Improve Your Chess Skills

No matter if you are looking to improve your chess playing skills or want a professional to teach your children about chess due to the incredible mental benefits that the game offers, chess learning software is for everyone. (more…)

Online Chess: Improves Children Cognitive and Critical Thinking Skills

Chess is an excellent game which requires the players to focus, think and then make a decision. While adults who love playing chess can spend hours on it, it is highly recommended that even children should be trained to play chess. (more…)

Learn To Play Chess Online and Improve Your Intellectual Ability with It

Many schools across the globe have added chess to their course curricula. Extensive research and findings have made people strongly believe that playing chess aids the advancement of their students’ intellect. Such institutions take pride in providing opportunities to the students to hone their extracurricular skills. (more…)

Does Playing Online Chess Make You Smarter?

Researchers in Tübingen, Germany conducted a survey of expert and amateur chess players. The study had various stages during which the participants were examined using an MRI scanner. The first round was recognition and identification of geometrical objects. The results showed no dissimilarity amongst the two categories. (more…)

How to Improve Evaluation Skills by Learning Chess Openings Online

Chess openings are a set of first few standard moves that are termed as the ’book of moves.’ These moves generally signify geometric notations, tree structures, etc. The Oxford companion to chess lists about a thousand openings that characterize positional play and gradually build up to tactical moves. (more…)

Challenge Your Brain Efficiency by Learning Chess Openings Online

The game of Chess used to be known as the ’Game of Kings’ and not without good reason. It was regarded as a test of intellectual gifts and a person’s ability to outsmart their opponents using them. But modern studies show that chess develops and enhances intellectual capacity, and is not a prerequisite as is commonly believed. (more…)