Learn the Right Moves to Play Chess Efficiently

Knowing the basic moves is key to playing chess efficiently, but if you want to truly improve your game, you need to learn moves that can improve your chess strategy. With strategy, you can be confident in formulating a plan and arranging the chess pieces efficiently to accomplish it as easily as possible. (more…)

5 Best Advanced Chess Strategy

Chess is a strategy game, and the more strategies you know and understand, the better your chances at outsmarting your opponent. When combined with good playing tactics, advanced chess strategies can help you gain an edge and win the game. (more…)

Some Unknown Chess Rules

Knowing the basic rules of chess is essential to playing the game, learning how to create strategies, and knowing how to set up tactics to win. If you’re a complete beginner, you will want to learn the foundations first. Once you have mastered the basics, it is time to move on to unknown chess rules that can take your skill and game up a notch: (more…)

Playing Chess Online Is Much Fun

Chess may be the game associated with geniuses and intellectuals, but it can actually be fun and suitable for all ages. It is never too early or too late to start learning chess. In fact, you can still take up playing chess online in your senior years to fend off dementia and minimize your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. (more…)

How Chess Can Make Your Child a Genius

Good parents will make sure that their child is not only physically healthy but mentally fit, too. There are many ways to develop a child’s mind, and playing certain games like chess is one of them. In fact, chess is known to make geniuses out of children. Chess has always been associated with people who excel in critical thinking, but it can be played and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or mindset.  (more…)

Advanced Chess Strategies

Learning chess is like learning a new language. You need to play it regularly so you can improve and grasp the skills and strategies needed to win. Chess ‘strategies’ involve setting long-term goals in every game and achieving them, while ‘tactics’ focus on immediate moves. (more…)

Playing Chess: Improve Your Game by Learning Online

The best way to learn chess and improve your game is to play it. However, chess is a two-player game, and if you typically have no one to play with, you can either play against a computer or with another person online. Some of the best chess schools offer online learning to teens, kids, and adults who want to improve their game conveniently. Online learning is typically easier because it lets you have your lessons anywhere at any time. You can schedule classes at a time that is convenient to you and start enjoying lessons and training games with a professional chess instructor. (more…)

Online Chess for Kids

More research and studies support claims that chess can improve a child’s critical thinking skills and cognitive abilities. However, chess lessons may cost a lot of money and may even take a lot of time in a child’s schedule, especially if he is busy with school and other extra-curricular activities. In that case, you have the option to let your child sign up for online lessons. Online chess for kids can cost half the price of face-to-face lessons, and your child will be coached by skilled mentors and masters who can help improve his game while aiding in the enhancement of his mental prowess. (more…)

Chess Glossary – 10 Chess Terms

Part of learning and improving in chess is familiarizing yourself with the most common terms used by players. Referring to a chess glossary is a good start, but you might be surprised to find that there are more than 250 terms to learn. The good news is that you do not have to memorize all them. You can learn them as you play, or you can start by learning the most commonly used chess terms. Whether you are a beginner or an average player, it may help you master the game better by knowing the 10 most commonly used chess terms: (more…)

Alternate Rules for Chess Game

Chess has certain rules and standards that players must follow to ensure a smooth gameplay that makes sense. However, some chess games can be played using alternative rules that may involve removing certain pieces or adding more pieces, and various time limits. Knowing these alternate rules can help you become a more versatile player while expanding your knowledge and ability. It can also make playing chess with your friends more fun. (more…)