Taking Online Chess Lessons for Beginners Is the Best Way to Learn Chess

Learning chess used to be challenging, especially for beginners. They can either study on their own or enroll in a class where they can be coached personally by professionals. However, both actions can be troublesome if they lack time to attend classes or pick up the books and set up the board. In that case, taking online chess lessons may make more sense to them. If you are a beginner yourself or you are looking for a simpler way to advance your playing skills, online chess lessons for beginners can be a great way to learn and improve at the game at your own pace.  (more…)

Take the Best Chess Classes Online at IchessU

Do you want to learn chess or advance your skills in the so-called ‘game of kings’? Signing up for chess classes is a good start, but that can be inconvenient if you have a busy daily schedule. If this is the case, consider online chess classes at reputable schools, like IchessU, which stands for ‘International Chess University’. IchessU specializes only in online chess education, but it teaches any learner who is interested in chess. Hence, its students are comprised of adults, juniors, teens, and kids. Unlike most chess schools, they work with students with special needs, too, and they organize classes in small, medium, and large groups, or as private individual lessons, depending on the student’s preference and budget. (more…)

Help Your Kid Improve in Chess by Taking Online Chess Classes

Anyone, regardless of age, can learn and enjoy playing chess. If you find that your child has picked up the game and wants to improve, you can help by signing him up for online chess classes. Hiring an actual coach or enrolling your child in a local chess school can be expensive and demand some of his time. With online chess classes, your child can go to class any time he is available, and he can always count on a professional coach to teach him either privately or in a small, medium, or large group, depending on your budget. (more…)

Learning Chess Opening Strategy Can Give You an Upper Hand over Your Opponent

A proper opening strategy may provide you the upper hand in a game provide you with tactics to stump your opponent. Chess ‘strategy’ involves setting and realizing long-term goals while at play, and ‘tactics’ can let you focus on the moves you can do immediately. They always go together, and if you take up chess lessons online, you could learn the best ways to utilize them from the experts. Guidance from chess experts can help you pick up and develop chess opening strategies that can give you an upper hand over your opponent. Here are a few examples of advanced strategies you can consider:  (more…)

Some Easy-to-Learn Chess Moves

In the world of chess, every move counts. This is why a lot of chess enthusiasts search the internet for information on clever ways to be ahead of the game. While being great in the league requires much practice, time, and effort, there are also some easy-to-learn chess moves that you can snag from the geniuses in the field. The main secret is this: In order to win, you must know how to dominate even at the very start.  Every move counts, especially the first ones.  (more…)

Qualities That a Chess Mentor Should Have

Behind a good chess player is a great good coach. A real chess mentor goes beyond just helpingthe player learn and master all the basics of the game—more importantly, he or she makes sure that the student develops good critical thinking abilities. If you are interested in hiring a chess coach, there are several characteristics to look for.  (more…)

IChessU: The Best Place to Learn Online Chess


Whether you are a beginner who finally has time for chess lessons or an experienced player who is looking forward to upgrade your skills, IChessU is the best place to learn online chess. Not only will you be tutored by the best coaches and mentors in the field—you will be coached live online and will get to choose between one-on-one classes and interactive lessons with other students in a virtual classroom. Concerned about your age? Don’t worry. IChessU is an international professional chess school with coaches for every age group and skill level.  (more…)

Advanced Chess Strategies That Will Help You Conquer the Game Easily

Becoming good at chess is no easy feat—and this is one of the reasons why this game is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes many years of developing and mastering tried and tested strategies to become a good chess player, and even more work to become a league champion. Ready to take the first step? It’s time to learn advanced chess strategies that can help you conquer your opponent. These strategies include the following:  (more…)

Want to Learn Chess? Take Online Chess Lessons at IchessU

Chess is best learned and mastered with proper guidance from a good mentor. For this reason, it is recommended that you take up formal chess lessons at a reputable chess school. (more…)

Online Chess for Beginners

The internet has helped make a lot of activities more convenient and easier to do, like keeping in touch with friends, doing business, shopping, and learning new things—including chess. (more…)