Online Chess School the Best Way to Learn Chess Strategies

According to world chess champion Garry Kasparov, studies show that just one year of chess schooling can improve a student’s concentration, learning abilities, sense of logic, application, self-discipline, and even behaviors and important traits like respect and responsibility. (more…)

Tips to Improve Your Chess Strategies Online

Learning chess strategy is a completely different ballgame than learning chess tactics. Unlike the latter, which is typically a one-two punch move, the strategy is more about long-term goals, and thus requires deeper thinking and planning. When it comes to strategy, there are positional factors (more…)

How to Learn Chess Openings and Strategy to Win Majors Tournaments Easily

Your first few moves in chess lay the foundation for the rest of your game. This is why it is important that you pay attention to every preparation and positioning you make if you want to be successful. Chess openings have long been analyzed for their efficacy, value, and their strength, especially in establishing the middle and end games. (more…)

Interactive Live Chess Courses: Learning Chess the Easy and Fun Way

Depending on the person you ask, learning can either be fun or a complete drag. If you want your child to find chess an interesting sport to learn, consider enrolling them in an interactive online class where they can discover the beauty of the sport in a more exciting way. (more…)

Online Chess Lessons Improve Your Kid’s Brain

Chess has always been regarded as the game of the brain. Not surprisingly, a lot of studies prove how the game helps improve different aspects of intellect, particularly in young players. (more…)

Learning Chess online An Effective Way to Treat ADHD in Kids

Learning and playing chess have time and again, been proven to be highly beneficial especially when it comes to brain development. Its distinguished history and its numerous behavioral and cognitive advantages are reason enough to (more…)

How to Win a Game by Learning Powerful Chess Openings & Moves Online

Powerful chess openings are the makings of a really good chess game. They help setup for an action-filled middle game while also increasing your chances of outsmarting your opponent during the end game. There are many opening sequences that you can study and master if you wish to develop your skills in positioning your pieces to protect best your king and take control over the board. (more…)

Ways To Choose The Best Chess Tutor For Kids

If you’ve been saving up to hire a chess coach, you don’t want one who will simply take your money and leave you with a few tricks—you want a coach who will also make the journey with you as you try to learn the ropes and leave you with techniques that will help you improve your game in the long run. (more…)

Help Your Child Learn Chess from the Best Online Coaches

One-to-one chess instruction is an essential part of learning the game. Individual guidance maximizes a child’s potential, especially when the instruction is coming from an experienced coach—someone who doesn’t only have an impressive chess ranking, but also knows how to teach. You can be the grandest master in the world, but playing is definitely different from teaching the game. (more…)

Get Tips and Essential Information about Chess: Become a Master

Chess is primarily a game of tactics and strategy, with each player commanding his own army of chessmen. A well-played game consists of three distinct stages, namely, the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame. The opening is where you ought to bring out your forces and prepare them for combat. The middle game begins as you maneuver pieces to positions, and initiate attacks. The final stage or endgame is the part of the game where it is safer for the kings to come out from shelter and join the battle. (more…)