Chess Glossary – 10 Chess Terms

Part of learning and improving in chess is familiarizing yourself with the most common terms used by players. Referring to a chess glossary is a good start, but you might be surprised to find that there are more than 250 terms to learn. The good news is that you do not have to memorize all them. You can learn them as you play, or you can start by learning the most commonly used chess terms. Whether you are a beginner or an average player, it may help you master the game better by knowing the 10 most commonly used chess terms: (more…)

Alternate Rules for Chess Game

Chess has certain rules and standards that players must follow to ensure a smooth gameplay that makes sense. However, some chess games can be played using alternative rules that may involve removing certain pieces or adding more pieces, and various time limits. Knowing these alternate rules can help you become a more versatile player while expanding your knowledge and ability. It can also make playing chess with your friends more fun. (more…)

Some Tips for Making Your Child Love Chess

Chess is a game that involves a lot of analytical thinking. Playing chess has many benefits in addition to recreation. That is why if your children like to play chess, you must encourage them and help them improve in the game. Many kids enjoy moving pieces before they even know the rules of the game. Most of them are not interested in reading books to improve their understanding of the game. (more…)

Here are Some Tried & Tested Advanced Chess Strategies to Enhance Your Game

Learning chess is like learning a new language. You have to learn the use of different pieces in various situations equivalent of acquiring the vocabulary of a language. That is why it is not easy to learn chess strategies. Chess strategies are different from chess tactics since they do not include any surprise factor. (more…)

4 Tips for Selecting the Best Chess Classes Online

One of the great challenges people face is to be able to adapt. Yet, change is the one constant in a world that is always evolving. This applies to people as much as it does to technology. We live in a world that would have been the envy of visionaries of the past – any information we seek is always at our fingertips. How we use this resource is up to us. Among other things, it provides a novel approach to pursue a desire or improve your skill. Online chess lessons is a bit of both, and then some more. (more…)

Learn Perfect Chess Openings by Remembering These 3 Steps

Chess is among the few games that do not discriminate between people. A chess match can be played between opponents regardless of age, gender, color or creed. In many ways, it reflects the true essence of humanity even as two people compete to gain the upper hand. Chess does not care if you are powerful or weak. The great leveler of human nature is a humbling reminder that talent and qualities matter more than the confines dreamed up by those too nearsighted to see the truth. The only thing that matters is skill – the skill to anticipate your opponent’s moves or bear the loss. (more…)

Become an Expert in Chess by Learning Strategic Chess Openings

Chess openings are perhaps the most important part of a chess game. How the game progresses and whether you win depends on what moves you make at the beginning of the game. There are quite a few openings that are important for you to master to ensure you win the game. (more…)

Online Chess Tutor to Make Your Kids Learn Wonderful Game of Chess

Chess has been proven to be helpful in increasing intelligence in children in addition to helping them deal more effectively with their emotions. The game also helps them to understand better the truth behind wins and losses and become more well-rounded individuals. (more…)

Control the Course of the Game with the Best Chess Opening Strategy

Chess opening strategies are crucial to win a chess game. Good strategies allow you to gain a quick control of the center, safeguard your king, create positions to mount an attack and prevent any weak links in the pawns. Moreover, pieces are placed in such a way that they protect each other. (more…)

A Brief Introduction to Learn Chess Strategy and Movements

Chess is known for its various strategies and movements. From opening moves to ones for checkmate, there are countless game plays that you can use to outwit the opponent and win the game. Most of these plays have been perfected by the grandmasters and the experts, and there are innumerable arguments in favor of each. (more…)