Online Chess Training Classes: An Easy Way to Learn and Understand Chess Rules

Chess has always been an inspiration for politicians and strategists. But today a lot of people play it to improve their personal skill and reasoning abilities. For a large number of people, it is a fun and pleasurable way to spend time. Yet, there is more to chess than what meets the eye. (more…)

Online Chess Training for Improving Your Child’s Visual Memory

Having a strong memory is a boon. The reliance on technology rarely presents an occasion that stretches one’s brainpower. The mind is habituated to the daily routine, and one seems to navigate the day almost like a drone. This also means people derive little joy from day to day activities and life, in general, seems dull and boring. (more…)

Online Chess Tutorials: Making Chess a Heap of Fun

Learning chess does not have to be entirely boring or monotonous. Online chess tutorials can make it easier and fun to learn the basics and advanced skills that can improve your game. They can be convenient and beneficial for young learners who want a more dynamic and interactive way to learn chess from seasoned players and coaches. (more…)

Improving Your Chess Skills Online With an Experienced Chess Mentor

Seasoned chess players know that learning the game is a never-ending quest. Even the so-called chess masters continue to learn and study strategies and techniques to continuously improve their skills. This goes to show that there is always room for improvement in the game. (more…)

Learn Online Chess Lessons, Classes, Strategy for Beginners at IchessU

Chess itself is a strategy game that requires skill and tactic. The best way for beginners to learn chess strategies is to take up a class that focuses on the fundamentals online. Chess strategies for beginners differ from the ones that advanced or intermediate players learn. Beginners must be able to familiarize themselves with the basics and fundamentals of chess while learning strategies along the way from their coaches. (more…)

Chess Classes Online: One of the Internet’s Technological Achievements

The internet has made a lot of things possible and easier for everyone. Online learning is by far one of its most significant contributions to humankind. These days, you can take up many different types of classes to enhance your skills and hone your expertise in certain subjects and specialties—including chess. (more…)

Online Chess Tutor for Kids – Introduce Chess to Children

A game of chess for one hour can make John, Harry or anyone, a smart boy.

Well, although none of our philosophers have written the above verses, it is widely believed that chess is a game which can enrich a growing brain and bring several folds to it, making you intelligent in the long run.


Learn to Play Chess Online and Enhance Your Logical Reasoning

It is no doubt to the fact that playing a game of chess requires your entire mental prowess and involves various regions of the brain to coordinate and work out a symphony. So, it is also right in saying that a game of chess is the best way to enhance your logical reasoning.


Learn advanced chess strategy by Grandmasters

Searching for the best coach to teach you the game of Chess? Then, look no further than the online tutorials to play like a grandmaster.


Know the Benefits of Online Chess Lessons and Classes for Kids

The online chess lessons are a boon for the kids and especially, their parents, who would love to engage their kids in a game, which will tickle their brain cells and keep them alive and active. (more…)