Learn to Play Chess Online – The Perks You Must Know

Interested to learn to play chess or get better with your openings and strategies? Here’s good news: You can conveniently and affordably learn it online. Why look for in-person chess lessons when you can attend virtual classrooms? Why learn on your own when you can have chess masters coaching you? It’s so much better to learn to play chess online (more…)

Chess Tutor – Improve Your Tactical Skills

Even if you are already an experienced chess player, it’s still good to have a personal chess tutor if you want to improve your skills continuously. Chess is a highly competitive sport that requires a combination of strategic and theoretical thinking. And while self-practice can help you develop self-discipline, it’s not enough. You need the guidance of a professional chess (more…)

Online Chess Trainer – Get Interactive Chess Lessons

Having an online chess trainer can make a massive difference in the quality of your learning. You will learn chess better and faster when a real person is teaching you than when you watch pre-recorded video tutorials online. A good chess trainer can also ensure that all lessons will be engaging and challenging yet fun. Here’s how your online chess (more…)

Chess Strategies for Beginners Playing Their First Few Games

Just because you are only starting to learn chess doesn’t mean you can’t win or give your opponent a tough fight. All you have to do is keep in mind these chess strategies for beginners.


Learn to Play Chess – Lessons for Absolute Beginners

Are you new to chess? Perhaps you have seen someone playing and it got you curious, or you have been introduced to the game when you tried to play it. There may be a lot of books and online material to get you started in learning, but nothing beats having a personal mentor to guide you all throughout. The best way to learn to play chess is with guidance from an (more…)

Chess Strategies Beginners – Improve Your Strategies and Tactics

Every chess game is different depending on the strategies and your opponent will use. If you are new to the game, it makes sense to learn chess strategies for beginners to familiarize yourself with the basics and to learn to properly apply tactics. That said, think of learning chess as similar to learning to communicate in a new language. You need to get used (more…)

Chess Opening Strategy – Boost Your Rating and Performance

In chess, there is a special rating system used for estimating the strength of a player. If you are aiming to become better at the game or you want to become a professional player, you will have to take your rating and performance seriously. There are many ways to improve your rating and performance, such as by taking lessons under the guidance of a professional (more…)

Chess Mentor – How Chess Mentors Have Found Chess More Effective?

Chess is among the widely played board games. There may be a lot of instructional materials to help get you started and learn the basics, but if you are serious about learning it, it pays to have your own chess mentor to guide you. The best mentor to have is a professional chess coach with a lot of experience in guiding and teaching new, intermediate, and experienced players (more…)

Learning Chess Openings – Fundamentals and Techniques

Chess openings are among the most important things you will learn as you get started on the board game. There are many different tactical and strategic patterns to consider on the opening of the game, which is why you may need to be guided by a coach to learn and master them efficiently. Learning chess openings (more…)

Learn Chess Strategy – Challenging Facts to Know

Strategy is important in chess because it deals with setting and achieving your long-term goals as you play. It is different from tactics, which are focused on your immediate maneuver. However, both must be learned simultaneously and cannot be fully separated from each other. That’s because to learn chess (more…)