Learning Chess Openings – Fundamentals and Techniques

Chess openings are among the most important things you will learn as you get started on the board game. There are many different tactical and strategic patterns to consider on the opening of the game, which is why you may need to be guided by a coach to learn and master them efficiently. Learning chess openings (more…)

Learn Chess Strategy – Challenging Facts to Know

Strategy is important in chess because it deals with setting and achieving your long-term goals as you play. It is different from tactics, which are focused on your immediate maneuver. However, both must be learned simultaneously and cannot be fully separated from each other. That’s because to learn chess (more…)

Knowing the Importance of a Game of Chess When It Meets Special Needs

Chess is a game for everyone. Anyone can learn chess openings and how to play, regardless of their skill or ability. That makes it ideal for individuals with special needs, such as ADHD. Prescription drugs (i.e. Concerta and Retalin) and therapy are usually provided, but chess can be helpful, too. It can be an alternative to help an individual learn (more…)

Essential Tips to Improve in Chess

Learning chess on your own can be challenging. For beginners and intermediate players, the information on different openings, strategies, and tactics could become overwhelming. That said, here are some essential tips to help you improve (more…)

Tips to Find Chess Tutor That Can Give You Private Online Lessons

Whether you are a novice or an advanced chess player, it makes sense to seek a tutor who can help you improve and learn new strategies and tactics. A good chess tutor is like your partner and guide in becoming a better and successful at the game. With their help, you could even become a competitive player with a better chance at winning awards and earning global recognition. You just need to make sure that you are being taught by the right (more…)

Learning Chess Openings – Knowing Advanced Strategy

Chess is divided into three parts: the opening, middle game, and endgame. To improve your chance at winning, you need to apply advanced opening strategies. This makes learning chess openings a crucial aspect to becoming a better player and mastering the game. The opening pertains to the first moves you will do to develop your pieces with the intention of making them more powerful and capable of gaining more control (more…)

Improve in Chess – Know How Playing Chess Improves Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is an important skill that can help you with almost everything in life. For this reason, it is taught early to kids as a means to improve their IQ and help them become independent thinkers in the long run. Thinking skills can be improved through certain activities, like playing chess. Studies and research have proven time and again the benefits of chess in developing and improving thinking skills. That said, you may want to improve (more…)

Chess for Kids Online – Psychological Learning Theory

Chess requires both tactic and strategy to win. Think of the game as if it is representing two kingdoms trying to outdo each other, but you and another player are in control of the army. This way, it can be a good way to train kids to think critically and strategically as they learn to play it. Instead of relying on traditional lessons, consider chess for kids online for a more convenient and flexible way to learn. That way, they can learn and master chess no matter (more…)

Learning Chess Openings – Important Tips Required to Remember on Playing

Every master chess player started out as a novice. To become better, you need to learn, study, and identify certain strategies, and apply them by practicing and playing with others. (more…)

Essential Ways to Find Chess Learning Software

When seeking out the best chess learning software, it is important to understand that every chess player is different and the best chess program for (more…)